International Internet Accelerated Service

The overseas Internet acceleration plan is to build a full-flow cloud service platform in the local area.

STACKS NETWORKInternational Internet Accelerated Service

In view of the problems of some overseas operators, such as large international export investment, high business costs, imperfect infrastructure, low network stability, lack of technical personnel, poor operational capacity, large number of visits to China, and difficult to resolve user demands, we propose an overseas Internet acceleration scheme, that is, to build a full-flow cloud service platform in the local area including distributed content aggregation accelerator, quality monitoring, intelligent scheduling, automated operating platform and tools, etc. Realize the localization of international, Chinese and local Internet content, the intellectualization of user access scheduling strategy, the systematization, instrumentalization and standardization of operation and maintenance. Finally, reasonable supply of Internet flow from local operators can be achieved to improve the user experience within the network, improving operation and maintenance capacity and reducing broadband operating costs.

STACKS NETWORKMNC data line acceleration service

Based on the accumulation and experience of Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd in the next generation Internet, cloud computing and security management technologies, product development, network operation and other aspects, it integrates advanced independent intellectual property technology, including SD-WAN technology, Internet flow optimization, network intelligent tuning, intelligent content distribution acceleration, content aggregation, large data analysis, secure communications, etc. It integrates Internet television, production safety management, security monitoring, emergency systems and other application technologies to provide safe production management, anti-terrorism and security monitoring, intelligent office, Internet culture and entertainment, public opinion monitoring and situation analysis, and other international network and application guarantee for government and administrative departments, enterprises and institutions stationed abroad.

STACKS NETWORKCloud business services, cloud life services and cloud security services

Cloud business services integrate SD-WAN technology, protocol optimization technology, distribution technology and cloud technology, provide cross-border, cross-regional, high-quality, low-cost accelerated technical services based on the Internet for foreign enterprises and domestic headquarters, provide secure data transmission and information communications, as well as Internet application access, public cloud and enterprise technical services for cloud applications.
Cloud Life Services is based on Intelligent Content Distribution Acceleration and Internet TV technology, providing accelerated access to mainstream domestic video, live broadcasting, portal and APP services, enriching the spare time of employees in foreign enterprises and institutions. They are able to listen to the voice of the motherland and communicate with their family and friends.
Cloud security services provide safety production and personal property security services for foreign enterprises on the basis of cloud commerce, including safety production monitoring, safety risk and situation assessment, personnel and equipment positioning, remote monitoring, risk early warning, house intrusion prevention, remote training and safety production information sharing and management.
With Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other operators export resources of more than 300GE, for the domestic operator level customers to provide safe, reliable and stable export resources.


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