Full-flow Service

Combined with the development trend of portal information Network and the actual needs of enterprises, it provides a comprehensive and highly targeted solution.

STACKS NETWORKFull-flow Service

Full-flow service is based on the core technology products such as content network system Cache & CDN. It is a network operator oriented traffic optimization service built on the company’s full-flow optimization cloud platform. The purpose of this service is to help broadband operators accurately analyze content resources and flow data, grasp the use of resources, formulate flow optimization strategies and optimization means according to the changes of Intranet flow and user behavior, and distribute Internet flow according to the application types and characteristics to the optimal flow supply mode, constantly improving the proportion of internal network flow, reducing the cost of single user traffic, and improving users’ Internet experience.

STACKS NETWORKFlow solutions

The main solution includes three flow construction and optimization services.
Local flow service
It provides flow optimization services for hot content (videos, downloads, etc.) in broadband operators network.
Full-flow central flow service
Using the company’s cloud platform, it provides flow optimization service of the non-hot content (The visit concentration degree is not high) in the broadband operator network.
Special flow service
It provides real-time interactive flow optimization services (e.g. online games, online banking) needed by broadband operators, including dynamic acceleration, game acceleration and other services.


Improvement of internal network resource ratio of gain
We evaluate the existing intranet resources (including CDN nodes and caching platforms) of operators, analyze its working status, rank the service effects of each resource, such as download rates, hit rates, access heat, etc., and give priority to the optimization of the problems with poor effect and problem concentration, and clear up the resources with poor effects or no gain.
The network request is analyzed for the end user’s access, the network content is judged for its internetability, and the gain ratio of the network resource is optimized and improved constantly.

Directional flow optimization
For some content that cannot be introduced or is not appropriate, such as dynamic content and game access, clear optimization plan and optimization suggestions for operators’ scheduling strategies should be given to assist the broadcasting and television network companies to complete the flow of local network rate.

Improvement of DNS resolving local network rate
Compare and analyze the network request and the list of resources in the network, such as the introduction of domain name list and cache white list, optimize the DNS scheduling, and try to make the resolution results of the network local.

Enhancement of user experience
By acquiring the detection data of the dial-up system, the delay, jitter and connection success rate of all the export links are analyzed, and the network quality is scored comprehensively. Combined with the analysis results of other systems, the problem is quickly located and the solution is provided.

Accurate network troubleshooting methods
T + service platform has the latest ultimate network fault monitoring and detection tools, as well as supporting operational platform. User IP, account and other information can be used to obtain detailed user failure analysis data and reports on the T + service platform, which can accurately determine the failure node, such as terminal side, access side, backbone side and service side, greatly reducing the fault detection time and improving service response efficiency.

A new recursive mode of business promoted by application
The value-added business module of T + service platform has the function of intelligent pipeline promotion and business online ordering. Nowadays, with the increase of heavy Internet applications and the number of home terminals, bandwidth preemption is becoming more and more prominent in the application and service experience, and the potential consumer behavior is in a state to be released. The traditional mode of pre-opening and post-use, with insufficient timeliness and relatively troublesome space, further suppresses the consumption potential of customers.

The new business recursion mode can timely remind customers to order high-bandwidth products online when there is insufficient bandwidth and serious preemption, and it will take effect in real time when ordering. Products can be divided into permanent and temporary orders and other subdivision products, according to time or flow volume.
Our IDC Center
We have dozens of self-built computer rooms, located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and other places.
Our resources
Providing CTCC, CUCC and CMCC with large bandwidth network access services and working closely with data centers.
With Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other operators export resources of more than 300GE, for the domestic operator level customers to provide safe, reliable and stable export resources.


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