Information of future technology industry2018 industrial park planning and layout and development prospects analysis: “Internet +” industrial park will enter the era of smart park

2018年7月24日by liangshi040

With the advent of the Internet+ era and the deep integration of the Internet and the social economy, various new forms have been spawned in the industrial field. The virtual economy and the Internet have changed people’s mode of production, lifestyle, and ways of thinking and cognition. In the context of the new economy and new momentum, new business models and business formats are needed, as well as new types of industrial parks.

Some new trends and characteristics are emerging in the development mode of parks in China, such as the change of growth mode from paying attention to scale to paying more attention to development quality, the change of resource allocation from extensive development to intensive development, the transformation of industrial structure from manufacturing-oriented to the combination of manufacturing and professional services, and the change from focusing on hard environment to paying more attention to soft environment of the construction of environment. Under the trend of Internet +, it is necessary for the industrial park to get rid of the extensive operation mode in the past. Since 2015, the characteristics of “Internet +” in various industrial parks in China have become more and more obvious, and a number of high-quality “Internet +” industrial parks have sprung up.

“Community thinking” becomes the core concept of operation

The 2018-2023 industrial park planning and operation management analysis report released by the foresight Industry Research Institute concludes that the core concept of “Internet +” industrial park is “community thinking”, that is, to operate core users with “community thinking”. “Customer first”, “Experience is the king”, “value-added service” and “subversive innovation” are four forms of expression of “community thinking”, and these four forms of expression also need to be reflected in the construction and operation of industrial parks.

Community operation refers to the process of gathering and promoting the activity of these users through a series of operational means, so that they can have more frequent interactions with the product. It is also a gradual process. As for the industrial park in the Internet era, the insiders all emphasize the “community thinking”, that is, how to create the fan effect of the industrial park, break the original single trading relationship between the park and customers, and form a friendship with customers from online and offline channels, will be the breakthrough point in the future. Looking ahead, it is necessary to determine the direction of the community, manage the users, close-loop value and clear measurement indicators for core user operation with the idea of community operation.


The “Internet +” industrial park has entered a large-scale expansion period, and the smart park is approaching.

On the whole, China’s industrial park has implemented the “two-step strategy” to transform the Internet into “Internet +”. First, the introduction of the Internet has been successfully realized, and some parts of the region will first try to build the smart park first, and then upgrade it to the smart Park in the future. In the early stage of insufficient information level, through the implementation of Internet + industrial park investment, Internet + financial capital, Internet + integrated service platform and Internet + industrial agglomeration, the initial transformation of the traditional park will be completed.

With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities in China, although some industrial parks in some areas have begun to devote themselves to the construction of smart parks, there are still a series of problems: the level of informatization construction and management of the park is uneven; fragmentation and lack of overall planning; the management system of Park informatization is still immature; informatization consciousness is not strong and so on. Therefore, in the future, China should carry out targeted organization and coordination in the construction of smart parks, and establish a government guidance and market operation promotion mechanism. Gradually increase government policy support; promote the formulation and implementation of standards and norms, promote the upgrading of the level of Park information; increase publicity and training, constantly improve the informatization understanding of the park, and lay a foundation for the comprehensive implementation of the smart park construction.

In terms of smart Industrial Park, it is foresight that the industrial parks based on green wisdom and ecological convergence of Internet + are the development direction, the construction of Internet + O2O smart park platform is the key measure, and the development mode of park in platform + ecosystem is the inevitable trend. At the same time, innovation of research, development, operation, business and management mode is also needed as a new approach to explore the development of China’s intelligent industrial parks.

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