VPNCross border data Convention: VPN, cloud services, CDN, SD-WAN cross-border data can only be connected through specific entrances and exits

2017年11月13日by liangshi040

To further implement the deployment of the Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Cleaning and Standardizing the Internet Access Service Market (No. 32 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, hereinafter referred to as No. 32), publicize and popularize the Letter on Printing and Issuing the Summary of the Symposium on Cleaning and Standardizing the Internet Access Service Market (the Letter of Industry and Information Management [2017]2) In the spirit of Symposium No. 496, CITIC, in conjunction with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, the “Cross-border Data Communication Business Policy Promotion Meeting and Industry Alliance Preparatory Meeting” was held in Beijing on January 10, 2008, with the participation of dozens of domestic IP-VPN related business operators.


The conference first conveyed the spirit of the proceedings of the symposium, and further clarified the qualification requirements, subject qualification and compliance services for cross-border data communications.


1, Qualification requirements and subject qualifications. According to the Catalogue of Telecommunications Services (2015 edition), the construction, rental and sale of international private lines belong to the service of international communication facilities, and the data transmission service for the international closed user group belongs to the Internet international data transmission service or international data communication service. At present, only China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom have the above qualifications.            2, Compliance of multinationals using cross-border service. Due to the self-use demands of collaborative office work and data interaction, multinational enterprises can realize cross-border networking in the following ways: multinational enterprises initiate and rent the international special line (including virtual special network) of 3 basic telecom enterprises directly from domestic, and connect with the self-use network and equipment of enterprise office; Multinational enterprises directly initiate or commission overseas operators, rent international special line (including virtual special network) from three basic telecom enterprises, and connect with their own office network and equipment. When a multinational enterprise leases an international private line to build its own office network, it may entrust a qualified third party (including an enterprise licensed for domestic IP-VPN, fixed network domestic data transmission, etc.) to provide outsourcing services such as system integration, escrow management, etc. However, third party enterprises shall not engage in telecom business activities such as leasing and selling line resources of international private lines (including virtual private networks)


In order to better promote the development of cross-border data communication business in China, standardize the order of cross-border data communication industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of transnational enterprises, maintain a fair and harmonious market competition environment, promote multi-party cooperation and win-win situation, and promote the self-discipline, orderly, fair and healthy development of the industry, the conference put forward the implementation of document No.32 and special topics. The next work plan of the meeting will clarify the main responsibilities of the relevant enterprises and units. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the suggestions of the competent industry departments on the establishment of industry self-discipline organizations, the participating units unanimously decided to establish a “cross-border data communication industry alliance” led by the China Telecom Institute and jointly participated by three basic telecommunications enterprises, IP-VPN and other relevant business operators, and discussed and formed the “China cross-border data communication industry self-discipline convention”. The Convention strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Telecommunications Regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and further clarifies the requirements for the management of cross-border data communication services, including VPN, cloud services, CDN and SD-WAN, in the self-regulatory provisions. The main requirements are as follows:

  1. Without the approval of the competent telecommunications authorities, no unit or individual may establish or lease special lines (including VPN) or other channels for cross-border business activities. Domestic enterprises holding relevant licenses for fixed network domestic data transfer service (A24-1) or domestic Internet virtual private network service (B13) shall provide services to the end-users within their licences.
  2. When a cloud service operator builds a cloud service platform within China and the relevant servers are connected to overseas network, it shall connect through the entrance and exit of Internet international business approved by the ministry of industry and information technology, and shall not establish or use other channels for international networking by itself through special lines, virtual private network (VPN) or other means.
  3. If CDN and SD-WAN services need cross-border data communication, the above management requirements should be referred to.

All parties agreed that the members who apply to join the industry alliance will sign the relevant undertaking, strictly abide by all provisions of the “China cross-border data communication industry self-discipline convention”, and voluntarily accept the public supervision of the public, news media and industry alliance, so as to constantly improve the self-consciousness and social credibility of enterprise self-discipline.

At present, the “cross-border data communication industry alliance” is actively and orderly in the preparatory process. CITIC welcomes domestic enterprises, organizations and units engaged in or involved in the operation or research of related telecommunications services to join the industry alliance, jointly promote self-discipline of cross-border data communication industry, and promote the healthy development of cross-border data communication industry.

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