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2017年11月11日by liangshi043

China Mobile’s cable broadband subscribers have broken through the 100 million mark. Internet companies’ broadband access subscribers are approaching 50 million. Fixed-line broadband market competition has become explosive. With the continuous promotion of speed increase and cost reduction and the deepening of market reshuffle, how operators can improve broadband integration service content while competing with users has gradually become an important content of market competition.

Broadband race: China mobile broadband users exceeded 100 million

China’s fixed-line broadband market is undergoing a fierce battle of users, “South Telecom, North Unicom” the traditional market pattern is facing a shuffle.

China Mobile has staged a “three level jump” in the fixed broadband market. Following the end of October 2016, the number of mobile broadband subscribers in China surpassed China Unicom for the first time, after nearly a year of rapid development, and finally broke through the 100 million mark. As of the end of September 2017, the total number of China Mobile cable broadband reached 103 million 425 thousand. Meanwhile, China Telecom’s cable broadband subscribers reached 131 million 310 thousand. In September, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom added 4.491 million, 1.54 million and 417,000 broadband subscribers respectively. Industry experts predict that China Mobile is likely to challenge China Telecom’s top position in the cable broadband market within two years, according to the net monthly growth rate of about 3 million in recent months.

Private enterprises and Chinese Broadcasting and Television, and other new forces frequently exert their strength. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that private capital has continued to enter the broadband access market to expand investment and the number of users has increased steadily under the promotion of the broadband China strategy and the pilot broadband access market opening policy. By the end of 9 2017, Internet companies had developed 41 million 950 thousand broadband access subscribers, an increase of 43.4% over the same period. In 2017, the growth rate of broadband users of Internet enterprises remained above 35%, significantly higher than last year. On July 18, six broadcasting and television companies, including China Cable, Chongqing Cable, Gehua Cable, Oriental Cable, Yunnan-Guangzhou Interconnection and Shandong Broadcasting and Television, jointly initiated the establishment of China Broadcasting and Television Broadband Operations Co., Ltd. The initial registered capital of the joint venture is RMB 200 million yuan, and the originators are invested in cash.


In the past two years, China has continuously promoted the speed-up and fee-reduction, increased market supply capacity. Broadband market has attracted more and more participants and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the era of rapid development of mobile Internet, fixed-line broadband, once thought to be replaced, why does it become a hot topic for all parties?

From a macro perspective, economic transformation and policy push are the cause. Nowadays, the fundamental and key role of broadband in economic transformation and upgrading has become increasingly prominent. By increasing competition, raising speed and lowering fees, the competitiveness of enterprises has been improved and the total cost of society has been reduced, thus promoting the transformation of the entire real economy.            From the industry level, it is the result of new technology and new demand. “Wireless broadband is limited, and cable broadband is unlimited.” With the increasing trend of 5G traffic, the era of interconnection of all things is coming, relying on fixed-line broadband large data, cloud computing, high-definition video and other emerging services rapid development, ICT industry has become a “gold mine”, further stimulating the broadband market competition.

From the enterprise level, the demographic dividend of the telecommunication market is no longer, entering the era of stock competition. In order to improve the stickiness of users, operators coincide with the introduction of fixed-shift integration services. Especially for China Mobile, fixed network broadband is a short board that must be made up.            Competition from quantity to quality to create a “moat” with content

Through aggressive marketing strategies such as 4G packages and broadband, China Mobile is in the grip of the broadband market. The addition of strong operators has also stimulated the whole market and promoted the speed of speeding up and lowering fees

However, low price competition is only a stepping stone to the market, quality service is the passport to the market. China Telecom and China Unicom have been enriching high-speed content applications such as 4K high-definition video over the past year, launching a “day-wear, day-repair, slow compensation” service commitment, jointly releasing the “Broadband Service White Paper” and “4K Intelligent Set-top Box White Paper” to create a moat for broadband business. The performance report for the first three quarters of 2017 shows that China Telecom has achieved a good growth in fixed-line business income through deep cultivation, integration and innovation. The number of broadband users reached 122 million, and the smart home products were deeply integrated. Strengthen ecological advantages and maintain rapid growth of new businesses. Optical fiber broadband strongly supports the rapid development of smart home business. The number of skywing hd users increased by 17.14 million to 78.47 million. IDC, cloud, large data continue to maintain a good growth momentum.

Nowadays, the role of communication networks in the national economy is becoming more and more important. At the same time, as Internet companies speed up their entry into the telecommunications industry, how to speed up the construction of broadband value ecological chain, enhance the value of the industry, and promote the transformation of the national economy, will be a problem that enterprises need to think about.


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